Owing to our direct experience and varied production techniques, CAC has modern production technologies which assures our partners the products and services which they expect.
  • Product definition
  • Tool making 
  • Production 
  • System Integration 
  • Research and Development.
The most important criteria of CAC are our attention to Quality Management and our commitment to continuous optimizing, ongoing development of our employees as well as our modern facilities which assure the highest customer satisfaction.


CAC excels in its role as a systems integrator and covers the entire value added chain of the modern production/supply requirement - from conception to delivery. From initial design; including static engineering and qualification, to tool design and manufacture, and full serial production.

Our strengths lie in our understanding of the requirements, our creativity and flexibility in undertaking new development projects, coupled together with our full and precise adherence to the high quality requirements of our customers.

 Concept Phase

 Detail Development

 Development and Production of Tools 

 Production Engineering

 First Sample Approval

 Serial Production

Due our customer request CAC offer a complete service package or independent modules.

Growing Successfully

Over the past years the company has recorded above-average growth, which is probable to accelerate further in the future. Since our establishment as a company, the size of our workforce has also grown constantly.

Our company has adjusted promptly and swiftly to changes in the Automotive industry and to the changing needs of customers. Our high level of competence in the field of new developments and systems supply ensures us an outstanding position against our competitors.

Customer and Markets

We produce for some of the largest and most prestigious Automotive and Motorcycle Manufacturers in the whole European region.