Structural Parts

Stress analysis of a component using the Finite-Elemente-Methode
CAC can draw on its enormous technological expertise - in the development and production of structural components and systems. The components and systems developed by CAC are not only lighter than conventional parts made from aluminium alloys, but also distinguish themselves by providing
  • enhanced stability
  • high heat and corrosion resistance
  • improved vibration damping
  • a long product lifecycle
  • ease of maintenance
Composite materials also provide design/fabrication flexibility that can significantly decrease the number of parts needed for specific applications. Parts reduction means
  • fewer raw material
  • fewer fasteners
  • less assembly time
Such benefits of high-performance composites result in lower product lifecycle costs as well.
Fiber orientation, tailored to the specific requirement, offers a particular advantage; especially in structural Automotive applications.
CAC is capable of delivering complete assemblies ready to install on a customer's Assembly line. This is in addition to the complete supply service from concept design through manufacture. Additionally CAC can assure certification of the components.